A Far Away Dad

A Far Away Dad

Thinking what if you were here

would you be nice

would you be mean

would you love me as much as I want to love you

would this world I know so well

change right under my feet

is it wrong to wish you loved me

is it wrong to hope my life could start over

so you could see me grow

so all the tears I shed

you would see

every word I said

you would hear

is it wrong to wish you here

is it wrong to think of you

I don’t know you very well

only from stories that they tell

I wish none, of it true

so I could have the real you

I want to be able to say

the words,” my dad” with a smile on my face

instead of a tear in my eye

all I really want is to be with you

I want to be daddy’s little girl

I want to be your pride and joy

not some one you forget and cast aside

with tears running down my face thinking of you

wondering why you aren’t thinking of me too

I only hope that I could see your face just once

I only hope to hear you say my name for the first time

I only hope that every thing would change

and I wouldn’t have to cry from the thought of you

my one last wish is to tell you the truth

I don’t care what you’ve done. I want a father.

Not any one. But I want you. I know we have

never meet. But I just want to tell you how much I love

you. And wish I could be with you



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