A Story In The Stanzas (Daddy, Daddy)

A Story In The Stanzas (Daddy, Daddy)

He broke me when I was eleven years old

I knew no worse pain

I know the truths of the lies he told

I nearly went insane

He moved out and lived with her

Where he remains to this day

I miss the way we once were

Before he moved away

I lost all of my respect

And my confidence

I just wish I could forget

I’ve built myself a fence

The world was a dreary place

For my eleven year-old eyes

Tears would always run down my face

Like rain from the skies

I hung my head in utter sorrow

As I end my fifth grade year

Knowing I won’t see him tomorrow

Was enough to bring on tears

Daddy, Daddy please come back

Mommy’s crying and I am too

Daddy, Daddy, pick up the slack

I don’t know what else to do

Daddy, Daddy I miss you so

Please don’t let me see

Daddy, Daddy, please don’t go

Daddy you abandoned me


Leigh Robertson

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