Autumn Dance by Shala Drake

Leaves drop. Cranberry, gold, chocolate, and rust.
Twitter and giggle as the wind blows them about.
Black birds glide through the air with a graceful ebb and flow.
Breathing in and out.
Confused, perhaps, on which way to fly.
The weather, sweet Mother, taunting us with warm days and cold nights.
Swift breezes.
Sweet hot cocoa kisses.
Gleam in the eye’s of babes, tossing leaves up and out of their grasp. Only to watch them glide back down to the starting position.

Hot teas, warm soups, crusty breads, melted butter.
Shawls wrapped around chilly shoulders.
Warm arms nestling you into love.
Snuggling under blankets.
This is the season to Fall.
Fall into dreams, kisses, love, and joy.
Hibernation begins.
The season of hearty living, warm embraces and joyful awareness in ones own self.
Welcome Autumn.
Welcome to the Fall of life.
A time when maturity has reached it’s peak and spirals back down to rest before beginning again.
The Spiral dance has begun.
We decline, to ascend.

We bow down, to rise again.
We ebb and flow to the rhythm of life.
Inhale and exhale.
We all dance to this beat.
We dance with quiet feet.
Welcome, Welcome, I welcome you with warmth and gratefulness.
Come, and begin the dance with us.
We have been waiting.

Author: Shala Drake

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