Beautiful People Tested By The Fire Of A.. by Ted Sheridan

They come complete with warts, scars and scabs and maybe they’re wearing
Glasses with thick lenses prescribed for their stigmatism or myopic eyes
Some have intermittent teeth and present only the tightest of closed mouth smiles
Putting a club foot or polydactyly hand forward to obtain those extra digits needed
For inclusion into your prayers as gracefully they surround you with loving care
They are the unattractive and displeasingly beautiful people who stand next to you
In a crowded world having offered some elderly or incapacitated soul their place
Look in the mirror, perhaps behind you they appear as nightmarish intruders
Or faceless people you choose not to look upon in the revealing light of day
Exculpatory and clean handedly turning the other cheek to reflect your concerns
You deposit ten percent in the golden tithing plate as you accept the holy sacrifice
And eat the body and drink the blood of your savior who died upon the cross
So might all your sins be forgiven
To Ye they will again come forth in multitudes of mirrored faces as lepers and pariahs
That thou may wash their feet and hands
In the service of his fellow man…and loving God

2007 © T Sheridan

Author: Ted Sheridan

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