Beauty And The Beach by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

there is something about the ocean
that brings out the earth-mother in me
it is a place i love to go to write or
to ponder life’s mysteries
being out in the ocean with
the waves spraying over me
feels something of a baptism
a cleansing of my soul’s debris

the beach has a magnificent beauty
that never ceases to amaze me
and makes me feel one with the earth
in rhythmn and harmony
i realize as i look out to sea
how very small i really must be
in the overall scheme of things

i love the sea for it brings
out the spirituality in me
the feeling of being totally free
like seagulls overhead and
the sand underneath my feet
or the engulfing sun warming me
to get down to the nitty-gritty
the sea is a poet’s paradise to me

Author: Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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