Beauty Beyond Form

Beauty beyond form
(To Ritu Didi)

I will decorate thee
with gold and ruby,
Make thee sit to eat
the fruit of fadeless tree.

I will adorn thee
with ornament lucent,
Carefully emboss thy light,
Thy lunar obverse,
Taking hue from the Shine.

I will worship with artless smile,
Thy divine sheen and soul.
I will deify beyond deity,
Thou art worthy of this price.

Beyond the sight thou wert
As the light of pride,
The flickering glimpse of eternity.

In thefield of unknown light,
Thou wert as a vibrant mind,
Unseen and untouched a pure cheer.

The grave and bevel sense,
Onto thy eyelids doth spill,
A cosy song of life.

The eyes are broad and beautiful,
As deep as the redolent shroud,
That doth hold the pain of heart.

The moon that shines in heaven alone,
The sun that makes the earth full of dream,
In both the eyes the east and the west.

Thou art the earth with hills and Valleys.
The morning of spring and autumnal evening,
In the visage of thee the utter emptiness.

Thou art an Eldritch sprite the sphere deep,
Into the heavenly sheath of mind thou will live,
A pure form of incantation with no verbal wreath.

Ah pure soul with unearthly bower,
Thou art not a single flower,
A forest with undying flowers and nectar.

I see thee with eyes and no eyes can touch,
The primal part of thy comeliness,
Heaven doth carefully guard.

Thou art a mother divine, the soul of souls,
In thy stillness the shadow of noetic falls.
Bow to thee and thy sapid feet.

Thou doth raise thy eyes and instantly,
Without traffic songs unuttered plunk,
On the Fancy-free part of my soul.

A divine image thou hold beyond poetic mind,
Words fail to paint the smile underneath,
The eyes open to grace the life.

Thy forehead is a starless sky,
The blue sky descends to heart,
Dire Straits, an endless source of love.

In the form of ethnic form,
Thou art a vast ocean with cadence tall,
My song of heart will not reach there.

Thy walk like mist of summer
on the bosom of calm ocean,
Silent like night and serene like lotus.

Thou art a lotus flower with no traces of
Thou walk the beautty, the way of dustless course.
Beyond the border of mind thou inhabit.

Not on land or on heaven thou art found,
No waves can wet thy ageless walking,
The soundless footing is thy finery.

I will adore thee not with garniture,
embellished with artful signature,
I will sit by thy side with subdued mind.

With joy in heart and peace in mind,
I will breath to serve thee as divine being.
The plume of love will bring tune eternal.

My poetry will live and sing the song,
Thy beauty will continue to beat,
All the eulogies that lovers weave for false laud.

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