Daddy's Girl by Angie Watson

As the young woman remembers her childhood
She begins to cry,
Remembering how much she loved her father.
Just thinking how he’d left her so soon
Breaks her heart in two.

She remembered when she was a little child:
A curly haired little girl
Attached to her daddy’s leg.
The way she’d hide behind her daddy
When people spoke to her.

She remembered how he’d loved her
And wondered if he knew she loved him too.
She remembered how she’d cried that night
At the hospital
When the thought of never getting to see her daddy again
Had crossed her mind.

She remembered how everything she’d done
Was so sweet to him.
She remembered the times she’d never let go
Of the belt loops of his pants.

She remembered how he loved her so
And how she’d never be able to stay angry with him.
But the girl will never forget
That her daddy will be in her heart always
And she will always be
Daddy’s little girl.

Author: Angie Watson

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