. Graduation by chuck Hurley

After many years of life and varied experience for me
I wish to leave a few words for you to record in your memory
As you are about to embark on a journey; that is paved with responsibility.

It matters not whether you are to continue your education or not
But beware the next few years may not be exactly what you sought
Experience can be varied or boring but usually just about all you got.

Responsibility and intent will be entwined for most of your actions
Be aware that what you do; say and think, may be as a quick reaction
There will come a time when you must submit a retraction.

The world can be your oyster and you can have your fill
Be aware that what you offer to some may appear as a bitter pill
The family is critical and to destroy or seperate is not accoding to your will

Every mind is precious and could hold the key
To open the door and hopefully change for the good of history.

Time is not illsionary or taken out of turn
Who created our sun and set the parameters; so earth would not burn.

Who gave us life, time, and most importantly light
The gift of a human mind to recognize wrong acts from right.

Any cause is not valid if the deeds are wrong
Nor is any act that removes life certainly does not belong.

May your efforts be bountiful, meaningful and according to your will
Your mind filled with thoughts and actions and never remain still.

Author: chuck Hurley

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