Hire And Fire by Chuck Audette

some money I was desperately needing
gambling debts paid or I’d soon be bleeding
my bar was already deep in the red
‘youse got insurance? ‘, the mob guy said
‘dis dump you could combust
but get an alibi – dat is a must’

Hmm.. ‘arsonist’ ain’t in the phone book –
so around my bar, I took a look
found some hot-headed guy with a thing for crime
but he couldn’t start anything on time
He smelled like gas, dressed like a slob
Was always smoking on the job
he demanded up front, all of his cash
then sat around on his ash
always had his face in a cup
his work ethic just burned me up
five nights now with no ignite
I was smoldering mad, it just wasn’t right
I finally had to re-cinder the deal
he wasn’t a match for the job, I feel

Author: Chuck Audette

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