Husband by Donna Saphier

Where did you go
When you left that day
Do you know I’m still crying
Do you know I still pray
The last words you said
Were please hold my hand
Then what happened next
I just don’t understand
You just went to sleep
But where did you go
I’ve been crying and waiting
And missing you so
You weren’t ready to go
I remember you said
That it’s gonna be years
Before you were dead
We had plans for our future
We had plans for today
I still can’t believe
That you’ve gone away
I miss you each minute
Of everyday
Are you not allowed back
If I ask and I pray
I’ll forget about my future
I’ll live in the past
And then my dear husband
Forever we’ll last
I love you so much
I would give up my life
Then we’ll always remain
Husband and wife x

Author: Donna Saphier

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