Lady's Reply To The Rose And Leaf by A.J. McKinley

If I were a rose and you were a leaf,
the thorns would not grow upon my tree.
You would bask in the glory of beauty spent.
Content to reside where my heart went.
Daily collecting of sunshine you might…
My caress would fall like soft candlelight…
Savoring your soul until the darkest night.
We would grow together like the leaves from a vine.
Forever, my love, through the end of time.
Until December when the rose wilts away.
I will wait until the first blooms of May
Forsaking others for the burning within.
Only to chance have I become whole again.
Mixed with the spirit of a lover’s light.
Together the lady and her poet knight.
If I were the rose and you were the leaf…

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

Author: A.J. McKinley

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