I will come back to my self,
Not by reformation,
Or to make change the simple law,
But to see life face to face without illusion,
Every dying moment will bring
the whispering note of love,
Every beat of heart will throb with
the silent symphony of silence;
Effulgence and full of tide,
I will come close to core of being;
The sunken sun of illumination,
The song will I sing ,
the cradle song of cosmic joy,
The mist of life will deepen
the unknown Joy of exuberance,
The wavy pain of Unbridled life,
Life is so deep and oceanic with wave of Conducive Continence
of death,
Every moment the bridge is broken and cut,
Every moment the new form of life,
The sheer sheath of aloneness
and pain for bygone days:
The dream of fulfilment by attaining chord of unsung song,
The heart was attuned to concur,
The absolute note of eternity,
Without the righteous knowing of death life is simply a mess,
With impetus pain in heart
Will I come again to my modest shore,
to worship life with all its
dimensional sapor embracing it’s
endless and various mores.

@Prabir Gayen/20/02/2020/2:10 AM.

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