Tale Of Woe - A Cinderella Story by sabina bista

I would fade away if you pass me over
You’re making me walk through a broken glass
I ‘m getting more comprised in your love as the day passes
You’re not a fantasy, myth or an illusion
You’re the predicament of hopelessness in my story
The prologue starts off in a Cinderella story scene
With riots, masquerade, jamboree and parade
This was the dawn of love era in the century

As I marched your path at the time of misfortune
I got lost with no direction, no map and no one to mascot
The Cinderella scene seems to fade out in the darkness of catastrophe
All the pigments of bliss is no longer in the arena
You change it all for your egoism not knowing I was waning
Now I m standing in inertia with my hope failing
You’re forbidding me in every possible way
And abandoning me in the middle of nowhere

The situation so perilous is digging me into anesthesia
I m falling, failing, crying, stumbling but you never seem to care
This is not what was meant to be in the act
It’s an inevitable site where I m forced down
This insanity is just too factual to rely on
You could stab me or slay me into million pieces
The wind of agony is passing me over with constant might
But it’s not bothering me in anyway I m still standing in inertia

After a while I start to comprehend what the reality is
Promises are always made to be broken without justification
Tears don’t always make thing the way it should be
Cinderella story can end up without any prince charming showing up
Love always ends up with hurt, pain, misery and an unhappy ending
Pigments of bliss is just a faint beam in the darkness
And the most hurtful and agonizing fact is that
Goodbye is a word that is used to go away and it really is forever

Author: sabina bista

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