The Day Dad Planned His Funeral by Mary Nagy

They said you needed surgery.
You said ”There’s business I must do.”
I drove you to the funeral home.
The arrangements were for you.

I had to wait outside that day.
I couldn’t go in there.
I don’t know how you made those plans.
You showed how much you cared.

You knew you wouldn’t make it.
You feared the end was near.
I hate what your life did to you.
I wish you were still here.

How do you plan your funeral?
Were you as scared as I?
What were your thoughts heading to the docs?
Did you know that you would die?

If I could turn back time and say
the things I’d like to say,
I’d say ”I love you” and ”I’ll miss you.”
”I wish that you could stay! ”

Author: Mary Nagy

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