The Lotus - Sermon of Heart

The Lotus- Sermon Of Heart
THE LOTUS _ Sermon of Heart
(Love Lyric)

From the bough of immortal tree,
flower of endless root and beauty,
The state of mind the wordless shore,
The shadowy moon and soothing Sun,
The cloud white with grace and rejoice,
Thou art born in the womb of joy.

Eyes art like dew formed in early morn,
Smile is suppressed in grave gladness,
Yet the sun and the moonspread it,
From morning till night thy beauty reigns,
The eyelids art like the ocean deep,
On the eyesthese decorate, fall.

Like cascade locks fall like from hill,
The flow ofjoy descends serene,
Without music thou art dance calm,
Sober in kind with no whisper,
The nymph delightful with knowledge,
Grace in each pore transpires with light,
Hearts with golden thoughts must it feel.

O music divine the muse still!
Thy selvage can’t hide debonair,
The Almighty so fondly design,
The mind thou own is mindless deep,
Wordless virtue drinks up everything,
Be thou me and mine my heart’s wish.

Beginningless and endless Thee,
Soul’s alpha and omega drop,
Thou art witness without mere thought,
In thy witnessing beauty effaces,
All that guards the mind to be naive,
Upon the quaking Soul images,
Absolute pleasure with no dream.

Thou art not my composition,
Nor, fancy of my frenzied soul,
And not am I drunk to paint thee,
Thou art real and enlightened spirit,
The light unknown personified,
Like early morning holds on chest,
I hold thee on my being the Sun.

O dear thou move in the deep sky!
The empty space of my null heart,
The evening after Sundown,
The morning before the light rise,
In the room of my heart thou art,
A deep song full of promising stars.

In thee I find me and myself,
The glee on my wings touching thee,
The soaring pain to echo in thine,
The re-echoingjoy of union,
In the midst of the root of being,
We both hath no meeting texture.

The beauty is truth and it is,
It is to be felt not to grasp,
The grasping is like tie the void,
In my jump into nothingness,
Thou art for me to feed with love,
The feeding of immortal milk.

On thy forehead the big bang lore,
The rising of the Sun with light,
The setting of the Moon, darkness,
Everything is false and sweet Dream,
Beyond dream and within sleep sound,
I may meet thee with pious ground.

My words are false, alarms of mind,
No word can capture thy sole glory,
Thou art like light on water, gleams,
On the effacement of my mind,
Thy love can be realised and lived,
My dream is to live thy smile real.

Who have known thee became silent,
Thee and thy branches, eyes cheeks, breast,
Thy bosom is the centralmost,
Having words with no expression.
In that dead silence is my joy,
The rejoice of being one with God.

The beauty is guarded by beauty,
The gross form for the mystical,
Love is subtle for mind to soar,
Mind being mindless is the mindful,
Onto thy self bare and warm worth,
The posture of my restless soul,
rueful, uncoloured and candid.

Thou art and wert from time beyond,
The soul pristine without second,
None hath seen none doth seem to think,
Those who hath known hath gone beyond,
Onto thy feet the Holy river stream,
Many souls with trance find ablution.

By knowing thee my thinking stopped,
By attaining theemy mind vanished,
Thy lips art dewy sprout, soft leaf,
Aw-shucks smiles invite me to dive,
Into thy abysmal sheath of heart.

The song eternal with spell buzz,
Will with painless love lure me to sleep,
Depraving me from gruff desire,
With love similar kind we meet,
On soulless mite will be our union.

The light will fall on the enlightened,
One after another will catch limbs,
From fatal eyes to oozing beak,
From glossy cheeks to Put-up chest,
From frilly womb to crystal loin.

The light will eat the light and rest,
In deep death of minds, Concourse,
Like fallen angels on desolate forest,
The meeting will be reborn of selves,
We will have our forgotten peace,
In the Lotus of our Beings Retreat.

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