To My Husband by Mawia Ahmad

Your eyes glimmer like bright stars on a dark night,
shining so beautifully, so hypnotic
The way you stare at me makes me feel so special,
Like I’m worth a million dollars, I cannot help but blush

Your smile is so warm and subtle,
spreading an aura of love around you like a glowing light,
Making the space between us full of serenity, my heart skips a beat

I feel a strong magnetic force when I’m around you, pulling me closer to you,
Yet I feel like there’s a thousand miles distance between us,
Feeling like I’m not worthy of you, your just too perfect for me

Your always on my mind, my heart beats the sound of your name,
When I close my eyes I still see you, holding me
Giving me gentle kisses and soft cuddles,
Whispering my name

I feel so much serenity when I’m around you,
So lovingly caressed by your gentle touch,
There is an eternal bond between us, a bond that is unbreakable,

My love for you is so amazing, it does not decrease
Even if you were to make me shed an ocean of tears,
When I think of you, my mind is filled with rhymes and verses of random sweet nothings,
But I’m no poet, I’m no Shakespeare

Our love is a never ending story, we will go through so many tests on this never ending journey,
We will fight and we will hurt one another,
But these are the steps towards making a true love story

Author: Mawia Ahmad

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