We're Through

We’re Through

The pain you have made me feel,

The situation, just unreal,

You’re supposed to be there for me,

But a mother you’ll never be.

The pain is already numb,

But yet the torture isn’t done.

Still you won’t give up,

But I’m telling you it’s enough.

You insist you have us back,

But I’ll never go back.

You turned away on me,

But still you can’t see,

And now I’m turning on you.


We’re through

The abuse you have done to me, Dad

I’m done, and yes it’s sad,

But don’t you ever lay a hand

On one of us again.

My brothers and I

Have been through enough.

Don’t make life so tough.

We are teenagers now,

And how beautifully we’ve grown

But now you are on your own.

You didn’t want to stick around.

It’s too late now, don’t bother

‘Cause to me you’re no father.

So to you too,


We’re through.

We’re through,

I don’t wanna talk to you.

You’re not in my life, for all I know,

I’m letting you go,

‘Cause I can’t live my life wondering where you are,

Laying on the lawn, looking up into the stars.

I’m done, you left my eyes dry

From all the nights you made me cry.

So to you two


We’re through.




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