You're Not My Father

You’re Not My Father

To have your last name

makes me ill.

You make me so angry

I want to kill!

I hate your voice

and the thought of you.

You were never there

when I needed you!

You’re inconsiderate,

you’re a lazy slob.

How could you do

what you did to mom?

It’s like you don’t

even accept me.

What kind of father

can you be?

You’re stupid for thinking

that I’d forgive

what you did to me…to mom.

How do you live?

Do you regret?

I hardly doubt.

I bet that I’m

the last thing you think about.

Don’t lie to me.

I know I’m right.

I don’t want you

in my sight!

Stay where you are;

don’t bother.

You’re lousy – I hate you

You’re not my father!!

But that’s okay,

you see,

because I don’t need

your money!

You’ve forgotten

me before.

Go ahead…do it

some more!

LOSER! JERK! – I hate you

you’re not my father,

and guess what,

I’m no longer

your daughter!


Kristin K. Hudson

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